Brands We Love

  • Sustainable

    Sustainable products are created using earth-friendly materials that are responsibly grown and harvested. Sustainable material examples are GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, hemp, linen, rattan, palm leaves, and precious metals.

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  • Women Owned

    Women Owned products are created by makers, companies, organizations, and/or non-profits where majority of the individuals with a stake in the company identify as women.

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  • Fair Traide

    Fair trade is a business practice designed to help producers in growing countries reach sustainable and equitable trade relationships thorugh fair living wages and improved social and environmental standards.

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  • Handcrafted

    Handcrafted products are handmade by artisans worldwide often using traditional techniques passed from one generation to another as inspiration for their artwork. This carries a great cultural significance because it is rooted from their history.

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  • Small Batch

    Small batch production produces lower carbon emmissions, uses fewer resources, increases quality control, and creates more opportunities for exclusive one-of-a-kind products as opposed to large factory production.

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  • Social Good

    Brands with a social good component have standing give back programs such as running community development and housing programs or donating a portion of profits to a non-profit or charity.

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