Mission & Values

Our mission is to encourage conscious living through curated collections of fair trade and sustainable goods for the romantic minimalist.

We value safe and dignified work places, women empowerment, advocating for human rights, and protecting the earth. Read about our values more in depth below.

Safe + Dignified
We seek partnerships with trusted vendors who provide access to safe and healthy working environments that are free of forced labor, harassment, and discrimination. Most of our partners pay 2-4x the livable wage within their regions.
Empowering women is essential to the social and economic growth of a community. Our partners offer fair living wages for their artisans, enabling them to fuel sustainable economies and provide a fulfilled life for themselves and their families.
The Earth
There is only one Earth, and it is our duty to preserve its resources. We prioritize sourcing products derived from natural resources and actively seek to reduce our carbon footprint for all business operations.
Advocating For
Social Justice
We intentionally build transparent relationships with organizations that support individuals, no matter their race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or other identifier and are committed to raising awareness of human rights.


Fair trade and sustainable practices are at the heart of everything we do. Here is a small look into our practices:

Shipping: Our orders are shipped 100% carbon neutral and are proud partners of the NoIssue Eco Packaging Alliance. Our custom branded packaging is FSC Certified, uses soy-based inks, and are made of cellulose fiber (eliminating the active acidity from the process and enabling composting).

Products: 75% of our products are purchased from members of the reputable Fair Trade Federation which holds members to high sustainability standards (read more about the 9 FTF principles here). The other 25% of our assortment is sourced from independent artists or women-owned small businesses.

Shop Sustainably

From The Founder

I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry from a very young age. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing Management in 2015. Shortly after college, I gained hands-on experience at a major bridal company as a Merchandise Coordinator and helped develop the foundation of their new fast fashion sister-brand.

2020 (the year of enlightenment) has opened my eyes to my priorities and values. What is my purpose in life? How can I change the world with my talents in the fashion business? This is the reason why I've decided to take a leap and create Belle + Blossom. Belle refers to the beautifully crafted fair trade products. Blossom represents a visual of artisans who are able to improve their overall quality of life through dignified work opportunities - all thanks to your support.

I’ve made a commitment to encourage ethically conscious shopping and bring awareness of social injustices through curated collections of fair trade and sustainable goods. I’m extremely grateful for every opportunity leading up to this point and I want to thank you for supporting me on the journey of my dreams.

Lina Cheatham, Owner + Founder