Is Fair Trade Considered Charity?

Is fair trade considered charity? Two terms that are all about lifting others up, but they are very distinct topics. Let's dive in to the differences!

Charity is something many of us know and have participated in. Simply put, charity is a practice to raise funds or offer assistance for a group of people in need. Some common forms of charity that you may have participated in include serving meals at a soup kitchen, walking for a cause (ex. Breast Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer’s, etc.), packing bags of toiletries for the homeless, or giving monetary donations to an organization like we did for Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence in October of 2020.

Fair trade is a business practice that creates economic opportunities for disadvantaged producers while building transparent relationships. Fair trade stands for fair and prompt pay, safe working conditions, and preserves culture through traditional techniques.

Both are important to making our world a better place. While Belle + Blossom hosts and participates in philanthropic and charity events, our main focus is all about fair trade and ethical business practices! Our mission is to encourage conscious shopping via fair trade and sustainable products. Shop around to learn about the uniqueness of each item and artisan partner we work with.

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