Committed to 100% Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Committed to 100% Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Have you noticed the badges throughout our website with the phrase, “ All deliveries are carbon neutral”? It’s true! We’re proud to ship orders 100% carbon neutral using Shopify’s Planet app. 

We utilize the app to calculate our carbon footprint per order shipment, then pay a fee to remove the estimated carbon emissions. The app also provides a snapshot of the impact we create in easy-to-understand terms like comparing the total amount of carbon removed to smart phones charged, kilometers driven by a car, flights around the earth, and gallons of gasoline consumed.

We love the Planet app because it specifically focuses on carbon removal, rather than offsetting carbon with forest protection. Shopify partners with more than 20 different organizations targeting carbon removal through their Sustainability Fund. These organizations can be grouped into 9 different sustainable niches: Direct Air Capture, Transportation, Mineralization, Ocean, Biomass, Soil, Forest, Storage, and Product. 

Read more about how each grouping removes carbon along with a direct link to their partner websites:

  1. Direct Air Capture | Pulling carbon directly out of the air, then storing it safely and long term.
    Carbon Engineering

  2. Transportation | Reducing and offsetting emissions caused by transport vehicles.

  3. Mineralization | Turning carbon into a mineral that can be stored long term.
    Carbin Minerals

  4. Ocean | Maximizing the world’s largest carbon sink and reducing ocean acidification.
    Running Tide
    Planetary Tech

  5. Biomass | Using organic material to create renewable energy and store carbon in creative ways.
    Carbon Cycle

  6. Soil | Using specific farming techniques that increase soil health and soil carbon.
    Grassroots Carbon

  7. Forest | Planting, restoring, and protecting forests to allow trees to store more carbon.
    Drone Seed
    Pachama (Belle + Blossom used to partner with Pachama via the Offset app)

  8. Storage | Finding locations to permanently and safely store carbon that has been removed, captured, or sequestered.

  9. Product | Injecting and storing carbon directly into usable products, like concrete.
    Carbon Built
    Carbon Cure
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