3 Ways To Support Fair Trade

Let's start with talking about what fair trade is! Fair trade is a business practice that creates economic opportunities for disadvantaged producers while building transparent relationships. Simply put, fair trade stands for fair and prompt pay, safe working conditions, and preserves culture through traditional techniques!

Here are 3 ways that you can support fair trade: 

1. Shop Fair Trade 

  • This can start with a simple search! When shopping for a specific item, do a quick online search for “fair trade [insert the item you’re looking for here]”.  
  • *Pro-tip: Take note of every fair trade brand you love! This will help you create your own list of brands for future reference or to share with others (see next topic).

2. Spread Awareness

  • One of the best and easiest ways to spread the great news of fair trade is to share your own experience or engage on social media.
  • What fair trade brands have you shopped? How did your purchase create a life-changing impact on artisans?The more people that know about fair trade, the better our world will become.

3. Donate 
  • Donations to fair trade brands increase their ability to expand their reach in mainstream markets and invest in disadvantaged communities through ethically sourcing more products from artisans and social enterprises.

We hope these 3 tips encourage you to support fair trade! We’d love to hear other ways that you support fair trade. Tell us how in the comments below!

Shop Fair Trade

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