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Whether she’s going on a coffee run in the morning or enjoying a cocktail with her husband in the evening, Emmy is doing it in style and making a positive impact while she’s doing it. 

If you don’t follow Emmy's account, @goodforthought, you should. We’ve followed Emmy since day one and have had the honor of partnering together. Emmy’s passionate about fashion, shows love to her near ones through gift giving, and uses her resources to “empower, not enslave”. 

Emmy goodforthought


Get to know Emmy more by reading her inspirational answers to our questions below:

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am Emmy! I live in Costa Mesa, CA- originally from San Diego County! I have always loved fashion/styling & gift giving, so when I discovered that I could use the things that I love for good in the world, I did it! Then I learned more about the fashion industry and its ties to human trafficking. Ethical consuming wasn’t an option anymore, it became my lifestyle.



Let's talk about your platform! Who is your target audience and what do you hope to accomplish with your content?

With my account I hope to reach anyone who wants to learn more about companies to support that bring good to the world through what they do! I like to share ways to style & inspire through the content that I create! I love shedding light on these brands & helping them get more business!


Emmy goodforthought

What is your favorite part about being a sustainable fashion creator?

My favorite part is learning about brands putting people & the planet first! It’s inspiring to get to know people who are doing the work in the world to bring freedom & fairness globally. I LOVE supporting them & sharing their stories so that it grows!

Was there ever a turning point that led you to advocate for sustainable and/or ethical fashion? What was that experience like?

Yes! I was very interested for a long time. I had learned of companies doing wonderful things in their production. When I watched “The True Cost” everything changed. I went all in at that point. I felt deeply compelled to change habits & use my resources to empower, not enslave. I have hope because I’m not alone in this fight. People & the planet are more than worth it.


Emmy goodforthought

Name some of your favorite ethical brands.

Able, Amour Vert, Christy Dawn, Known Supply, Veja, Nisolo, Liz Alig, Deux Mains, Pact, Malia Designs

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who is looking to get involved in slow fashion?

I would say, start where you can. It can be overwhelming, so if it’s just changing a few things at a time… that can be a good pace. I also would say to look into alternatives to regular fashion purchases & understanding not only the investment in those pieces, but the reason why.


Emmy goodforthought

We know you're more than just a creator. Tell us about what you like to do in your free time!

I am a social person so I just love being with people! I also love going to coffee shops, thrift shops, & cocktail bars with my husband. Animals bring me lots of joy so anywhere with wildlife is where I want to be!

As a small business rooted in slow fashion and big impact, we value social advocacy. Name one philanthropic cause that you support and would like to introduce to others.

Yes! Justice Rising, Kurandza, and Dressember! Love love love these organizations!

Emmy goodforthought

Connect with Emmy! Find her on Instagram @goodforthought or via email

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