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For the minimalist shopper, we’re proud to welcome Samara to Belle + Blossom. Samara is a womxn owned and founded luxury vegan brand that believes in providing high quality products that are eco friendly and cruelty free, without the luxury-price markup. Their goal? To create better fashion, implement more efficient supply chains, and create more sustainable materials.
Here are three reasons why we love Samara and think you will too:

  1. Sustainability and Innovation: Would you believe me if I told you the Mini is made from apple byproduct from the food industry? Because it is! They’ve recently launched a backpack made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean. Samara looks for innovative ways to take waste and turn it into something beautiful. 

  2. Design: Their minimal designs create timeless products. Many of their designs are made from a single, folded piece of vegan leather - held together by their iconic brass button. When you buy minimal and classic styled products, you’re more likely to keep that product longer than your trendier items (B+B loves slow fashion for this reason)

  3. Impact: Each purchase contributes towards The Soular Backpack, an initiative to provide light to children in East Africa enabling them to complete their homework each night. As children walk to school everyday, the backpack charges a light so they can do their homework without Kerosene.

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