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Nica Life is one of our fair trade brands that creates jewelry inspired by the sun, sand, and beachy towns of Nicaragua!

Nica Life is a proud Fair Trade Federation member and their mission is, “To create a global community where women empower women through the exchange of intentional and inspiring products for a living wage.” All of their products are hand made by artisans in underserved areas of Nicaragua who earn a fair living wage.

Nica Life believes that change starts with investing in education. This is why they’ve launched 2 educational programs: Nica Life and UPNicaragua!

  • UPNicaragua - Empowers young girls aged 13-18 in Nicaragua through a 760 hour educational program that teaches social education, professional skills, and navigating emotional skills. 
  • Nica Life’s Well-Being & Empowerment Program - Focuses on mental well-being through workshops on building goals and roadmapping how to achieve them, support sessions with licensed psychologists, and yoga and meditation classes.

Wearing Nica Life gives us instant beachy and romantic vibes. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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