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Mata Traders mission is to,” ‘fashion a better world’ by creating designs that celebrate a woman’s originality and empower her to use her dollar for change. We merge uncommonly vibrant style with fair trade practices to make an impact on global poverty -- bringing fair wages to artisans in India and Nepal.”

It all started with 3 best friends with a desire to travel around the world and ended up in Mother India for four months. Enchanted by the people, culture, markets, and vibrant textiles, they committed to make the country and their experience part of their life journey.

Mata Traders is a proud Fair Trade Federation member and encourages us to be connected to what we wear. LET’S SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK, “Be connected to what you wear.” 

When you purchase Mata Traders from Belle + Blossom, you:

  • Preserve an art form
  • Fight gender inequality 
  • Empower women in India and Nepal
  • Make an impact on global poverty
  • Combat child labor
  • And our favorite… “Score Serious Karma Points” because you are intentionally doing your part to change the world

Now that we’ve ironed out how Mata Traders is and why we love them - let’s talk about how their jewelry is made!

They preserve cultural identities by using traditional techniques to craft their jewelry. Here’s how they describe their process:

“The metal in our jewelry is brass -- if it appears to be silver or gold, it has been electroplated. The shapes are either die-cut or casted with a mole , and wood and bone components are mostly cut by hand. Once all the components have been formed, they’re assembled by hand into necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.”

We're so proud to include Mata Traders as part of our assortment!

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