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LAUDE’s Vision of Impact: “LAUDE the Label empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. As a company, we measure success by impact, not profits. Our model is moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally to the customer.”

Here are 4 key reasons why we love LAUDE the Label:

Built by Women - LAUDE started with a group of eight women in 2014 who sought to create sustainability where there was vulnerability and insecurity. They have now grown to a global community of over 518 artisans. They believe women are the key to eradicating global poverty.

Fair Wages - They invest in not only their products and materials, but also their makers. Artisans are paid 2 to 3 times more than the minimum wage in their operating locations. Prompt and fair pay ensures their employees can pay for housing and food, childcare, and healthcare - opening the door to opportunity and dignity.

Accessible Pricing - LAUDE believes in providing high quality sustainable products without high margins like their competitors. 

Environmental Consciousness - sustainability is at the core of their mission. Their items are free of toxic chemicals and dyes, they always use natural fibers, and nearly all products are made with upcycled or organic materials. 

LAUDE the Label is a certified B Corporation and a member of Fair Trade Federation. They meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

We are so proud to carry a brand that is paving the way for the fashion industry and conscious consumerism.

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