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Did you know that nearly 6.5 billion (BILLION) cards are purchased every year within the United States? That’s a lot of cards… like, a lot. From birthdays, to anniversaries . . . thank you notes, to sympathy cards . . . we want to give you ethically made cards that say it all. Join us in welcoming our latest fair trade partner, Good Paper! 


Their mission? “To restore the human spirit. To restore the humanity and beauty within each of us that gets so easily forgotten and tossed aside.” Good Paper works with women in the Philippines who have escaped sex trafficking, and young adults orphaned during the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and the HIV/Aid epidemic. When you purchase a Good Paper card from Belle + Blossom, you’re actively choosing to restore lives.

Things hold so much more value when they are handmade. Handmade products take time, skill, patience, and a whole lot of care. Good Paper’s process begins with creating pulp from recycled paper and natural plant fibers. Then, the mixture gets pressed into molds. Finally, the paper is dried into sheets -- ready to be used for creating cards! All of these steps are completed by hand!

At Belle + Blossom, we want to help you shop consciously by sharing ethical alternatives that put the people and planet through sustainable and fair trade practices. We’re extremely excited to bring on Good Paper as our newest fair trade partner!

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