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For more than two decades, Balizen has been at the forefront of the Fair Trade and sustainability movement. Their line of Bali inspired ethically made home and fashion products are crafted by local artisans using natural and eco-friendly materials. 

Here are Balizen’s 5 Principles of Sustainability:

  • Compassion and Empathy - All activities must be based on compassion and love, otherwise, we might exploit others without knowing it. Before embarking on any activity or new project, it is important to always start at a place of respect and careful consideration of others.

  • Smart and Well Measured - Every action and step taken needs to be considered, counted and calculated. We must look at the affect our actions have on other people, the environment, current systems and resources. All resources should be used effectively and efficiently with minimum waste of time and space. Always look for new ways to improve.

  • Better Quality of Life for All - In order for a business to be truly and continuously sustainable, the goal cannot be power, property and prestige.  It cannot be seeking the accumulation of personal wealth, power, but instead striving for happiness and improving the quality of life for all.

  • Focus on Value Adding in the real sector - Real value adding is when you are able to take something of low value and to make it more valuable with effort, time and investment. Value adding is not so much about just making money, but more about making things more useful for humanity, for nature and the universe. The opposite of this would be by increasing value through hype and future trading.

  • Building Equity and Value in the Community - To be able to sustain all these good works and intentions, it is necessary to appreciate and respect social value in the communities that are involved in the business. Trust, caring, love, beauty and peace must also be fostered and sustained within the community itself.

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